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Local SEO Services for Law Firms – Websites That Convert!

Let Your Target Audiences Find You

Local SEO Services let your prospects find you. Most people who are looking for products or services nowadays often go online and use search engines. Our search engine optimization process is carefully and meticulously customized to effectively market your business so that potential clients can easily find you.


  • We value online ethics above anything else.
  • Our in-house SEO team is composed of white hat practitioners.
  • We are always up to date with the latest search algorithm changes.
  • We are result-oriented.

We fully know that you have unique set of services, thus it is important to us that each SEO campaign is customized according to your marketing needs. Because we value the potential of your brand, we only offer the following premium services.

  • Free SEO Assessment
  • Keyword Research
  • Local and Mobile SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • White-hat Link and Brand Building

Free SEO

This is part of our initial SEO process before we decide what kind of campaign is appropriate for your business. We always make sure that we are using the right strategies by knowing first the factors that need to be worked on to improve your online visibility.

Keyword Research

Your prospects use keywords to look for your services. Thus, it is still of great importance that you start your campaign with the right set of keywords. We help you research and evaluate the best keywords that would bring you the most leads. Remember that Conversational and Semantic Search still rely on keywords. As long as keywords are used to look for information online, then there’s no way we would scrape it out from our SEO equation.

​​On-page SEO

Not all websites are created equal. This means that no matter how great your website is in terms of design and content, it is still important to make it more accessible to search engines. Also, it is crucial to note that because of very stiff competition in the industry, an under optimized website loses the edge against competitive establishments. Our on-page/onsite SEO process strictly adheres to Google’s search algorithm changes, thus we can assure you that loss of ranking and de-indexing are not part of your future with us.

Local and Mobile SEO

When your prospect search for your services, it is highly expected that these keywords are used – i.e. Injury lawyer Brooklyn (if he is from Brooklyn), medical malpractice attorney in Manhattan  (if he is fromManhattan). These examples show how important Local SEO is, most especially if you need to market your services to audiences in limited geographic areas. As most people in the USA are smartphone users, optimizing your website to be more compatible with popular mobile devices, is now of utmost importance. See our SEO forecast on this.

White-hat Link and Brand Building

Big search engines nowadays don’t take any BS from black-hat practitioners and online marketing scammers. As search algorithms become more intelligent, any kinds of malpractice and SEO abuse can now be easily detected most especially when it comes to building links. As what we promise, we create systems that strictly conform to the ethics of the online industry. Though Google announces that link-building has lost its value when it comes to SEO rankings, it is still crucial when it comes to driving more traffic to your website. More traffic means a probability of getting higher rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Brand Building, on the other hand, goes hand in hand with SEO. It also goes with maintaining good and credible online reputation through and through. We don’t only aim to put you on top of the SERPs. We also aim to bring you in the consciousness of your target audiences by helping you build a reputable online brand using intent based marketing.