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paying too much for google adWords?

We reduce PPC cost and increase conversion with the same budget

Search Marketing & Retargeting

Get more visibility and increase your brand exposure via Search Marketing and Retargeting. Aside from SEO, another great option to market your products or services online is by displaying your ads on search results. The most common type of search marketing is Google’s AdWords program.

Create more impact in your brand awareness campaign through search retargeting. We prioritize precise keyword-level search retargeting to get the maximum number of targeted audiences.

Search Marketing

Our Search Marketing services includes full management of your PPC campaigns (Google AdWords), options to avail the PPC program for publishers (Google AdSense), and monthly reports to assess your progress, or both.

Google’s PPC (Pay per Click) program is one of the most famous search marketing systems used by many established businesses today. It is also the very heart of Big G’s online marketing products.

One of the advantages of PPC for your marketing campaign has to do with budget. If you are a start-up, you don’t need to spend a lot to get started. Google AdWords allows you to start on a budget that you can afford and you only have to pay if people click your ads, thus you are assured that you are not wasting your money.

Search Retargeting

Oftentimes, most marketing campaigns missed the opportunity of getting more brand exposure because search retargeting was crossed out from the equation. We help you increase the level of your visibility online by giving your brand another chance to get the right exposure.

Search retargeting happens when prospects that are looking for your services/products in a specific geographic location are retargeted with your display ads. This process can be understood in the following simple steps.

1. It begins when your prospect used your keywords to search for your services either on a search engine or on a website.
2. We then gather those search data across search engines and websites.
3. All your prospects data are then put into one database.
4. After careful analysis, we then display your retargeted ads to your prospects. This improves your brand visibility and increase the probability of getting leads.
5. Since your ads are being brought back to the consciousness of your prospects, it is highly expected that they will check them and look if what you offer is what they are looking for.

6. From the start to the end of your lawyer retargeting campaign, we assist you in evaluating your progress by tracking the number of visits, impressions, and leads.

Your search marketing and retargeting campaigns are great supplements to your SEO and Social Media efforts, thus it is crucial that you also use this set of strategies to get a step ahead from your competitors.