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Do Social Signals Really Affect Search Rankings?

Social Signals

So much has been said whether social signals can really affect search rankings or not. A lot of SEO experts insist that social signals can influence search rankings and should be treated as an important component in optimizing content for search engines. Remarkably, Google Search denied this claim but specifically mentioned that they only use […]

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Does PR Now Impact Search Results and Rankings?

Press Release

A new development in Google search algorithm has stirred questions and confusion among experts and enthusiasts when at the start of this month a news broke out about press releases getting an upper hand in getting a brand in search results and rankings. An article ( written by Christopher Penn of Shift Communications revealed a […]

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Google Penalties: How to Avoid Them

Google Penalties

Probably this is one of the main concerns that you should prioritize these days. Being cautious to avoid getting penalized by the biggest search engine website in the world can mean a lot to your business more especially if you are hugely dependent on organic search engine traffic. It pays to be extra careful all […]

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