Common mistakes in doing mobile SEO – Qamar Zaman a Lawyer Marketing Expert Explains

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Common mistakes in doing mobile SEO – Qamar Zaman a Lawyer Marketing Expert Explains

Dallas based attorney marketing and seo expert Qamar Zaman goes over best practises for how to provide best user experience to mobile users.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is both a complex and broad topic but once you know the basics, you are better off at it. One of the basics that lawyers need to know are the common mistakes while doing SEO for their lawyer site so that they can avoid committing it or they can be able to solve the effects of this action.

Due to the advanced evolving technology, law firm websites comes in different forms. These forms should be viewable in desktops, laptops, mobiles, etc. Attorneys need to ensure that their firm’s site can comply with these trends. Common mistakes when it comes to mobile configurations include unplayable, blocked and misdirected contents. If viewers constantly experience these with law firms website, they will be frustrated since they won’t be able to view the contents that they are looking for in your firm’s site, resulting to higher bounce rate which won’t do anything good to your law firm’s reputation.

Having an unplayable content happens when viewers see your attorney site in search results and when they try to click your site’s link; they can’t view your contents since the plugin is not supported by their used mobile. This can leave your potential clients to click the back button and find other lawyer sites. What you can do to avoid this mistake is to check on your own phone if your site is compatible with it and if your contents like the images and videos are viewable in your mobile. You can also choose to write the summaries or the transcripts for your law related videos so that in case viewers can’t see your video, they can still read and know the content.

Other common mistake is the blocked content for mobile configuration. You need to make sure that Googlebot can crawl your law firm site including its images, Javascript , and CSS content. Also, keep in mind to avoid cloaking and you can do this by showing similar version of your site to both Google and the users. Make sure you are treating Googlebot like regular user.

With misdirected content or faulty redirects, you can only gain nothing but frustrated users. You should give them either the desktop version of your law firm site or the mobile version. You need to spare clients from landing to irrelevant pages of your firm’s site and you can do this by going to your webmaster tools account. Check for URL errors then faulty redirects and correct it. Good practice is build a mobile responsive website of your law firm.

If you have both mobile and desktop version of your site, remember to add bidirectional annotations. You can do this by adding an alternate tag in your desktop url and for the mobile you need to add a canonical article that points back to your law firm’s homepage. It is a crucial thing to do so as to make Google understand that your desktop and mobile version is one entity which can help in ranking your page.

You also need to create a multiple website or a region specific version of your lawyer site to better serve the user from a particular area or country and to make them more connected to your legal services. Common mistake when it comes to having multiple website includes using wrong language at a targeted region and missing backlink to your global page resulting to confusion of Googlebot which can weaken your ranking. You can avoid this by reviewing that the language used for your site is targeting the correct specific region and making sure that your law firm’s multiple versions links back to your global page. You can also do geotargeting by setting your location which can be found in your webmaster tools under site settings. Just make sure to apply it to the whole site.

Other than avoiding these common mistakes, you also need to check your attorney site for any spam because this can also affect your reputation online. You can utilize webmasters tool in checking for spam like security issues, manual actions viewer and the content keywords.

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