How LinkedIn Can Help Your Small Business

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How LinkedIn Can Help Your Small Business

With a total of 187 million unique monthly visitors, LinkedIn ( is the world’s largest professional network. This figure doesn’t only mean good for big brands but for small businesses and start-ups as well. Aside from the fact that LinkedIn is a community of professionals who are looking for jobs, it is also a community of employers from various sizes of businesses looking for potential individuals to hire.

LinkedIn has geographically reached 200 countries and territories ( as of last year and this is expected to grow in the next years to come. This is the very reason why most businesses, especially start-ups, should start exploring how this professional networking site can help them grow their business.

Top 4 Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

Nowadays, the cost of posting a job advertisement in local newspapers or a spot in TV commercial can cost you a month of financial instability, one thing that you can’t risk if you have just started or if you have a hard time growing your business. Fortunately, the advent of the internet gives everyone who has access to it the opportunity to be equipped with the important tools of the trade – one of them, of course, is LinkedIn. These days, there are a few ways small businesses from around the world can use LinkedIn to help them operate efficiently without risking their financial stability.

1. In looking for talented professionals with salary rate you can afford.

One thing that start-ups can’t compete with big brands is the ability to hire professionals with longer work experience because of their high salary rate. But, with LinkedIn, you have now a database of potential professionals whom you can hire with the salary rate you can afford but with the sufficient amount of work experience you need. This is specifically true if you are a start-up that hire freelancers or professionals who can work for you in part-time or full-time basis. You can easily find them in LinkedIn and contact them for free.

2. In connecting with key players in your industry.

For small businesses, one important component to last in business is to keep observing how those businesses that withstand through time did it. LinkedIn allows its members to network with those ones with common interest. If you’re a start-up entrepreneur you can easily connect with the leaders in your industry by communicating with them through LinkedIn. Of course, you must present your company as a promising new player to be considered seriously by these big wigs.

3. In establishing your brand and online reputation.

. LinkedIn has just recently allowed all its members to publish posts/articles on their profile pages. This allow brands to showcase what they can offer to their prospects and target audience through content marketing. This feature has already been featured before but only to a few limited profiles. Now that LinkedIn had decided to make it available for everyone, small businesses can now start building their brand and online reputation within the professional networking site.

4. In educating followers about how your products and services can work for them.

Obviously, for B2B companies, LinkedIn’s new post feature can help small businesses to educate potential business partners on how their products or services work. Showcasing what you can do to your prospects in a more targeted environment saves you time and effort compared to just displaying or publishing them anywhere on the web.

LinkedIn is one of the biggest social networking sites. Don’t waste any opportunity to use it to your advantage especially if it can help you get an edge from your competitors. If you have tried one of the tips above, let us know if it works for you by commenting in the comment section below.

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